I consider myself a technology enthusiast, and I’m from Guatemala, a country located in Central America, which is part of Latin America. Then, I’m particularly interested in this world's region to perform data analysis related to Stackoverflow Anual Developer Survey 2020.

Templo II, Tikal, Petén Department, Guatemala

To know more about these results, you can check my Github repository to see the code and detailed analysis.

Note: In the following figures, the abbreviation “LAC” corresponds to “Latin America and the Caribbean.”

The demand for audio streaming services has been increased, the offer for these services has increased too, and the competence is fierce. Customer loyalty to a specific app or service is crucial for this model business.

photo by https://unsplash.com/@blocks

Sparkify is a fictional popular digital media service created by Udacity, similar to Spotify or Pandora; many users use their services every day. It also has two modalities: using a free tier or a premium subscription model on which a user is free to upgrade, downgrade or cancel the service as they will like. …

Erick Ramírez

I’m a technology enthusiast passionate about data science, software development, and artificial intelligence.

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